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Sabtu, 16 Mei 2015

Prince Harry Wrestles a Crocodile in Australia!

Prince Harry in Australia's Northern Territory sitting on a 3.1 metre crocodile in Darwin Harbour Photo: Parks and Wildlife Commission Northern Territory/AFP 

Prince Harry had a close encounter with a ferocious crocodile during his recent trip to Australia.

Betsey JohnsonThe 30-year-old helped to snare a three-metre long crocodile from a trap, pulling in the animal from Darwin Harbour and straddling it after its jaws had been taped closed.

Pictures show the prince helping pull the predator aboard a boat and then sitting on it.

It was part of his month long experience with the Australian Army, which also involved learning bush survival skills, flying helicopters and working with elite SAS commandos.

Northern Territory Minister for Parks and Wildlife Bess Price said: "Prince Harry went out on the croc boat and helped our rangers remove a 3.1 metre saltwater crocodile from a trap in Darwin Harbour. Click link for full post from The Telegraph.

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