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Selasa, 24 Februari 2015

Kate's Grey Hair ......Don't Care!!!!

Anthropologie (UK)
‘Oh Kate, Are You Really Showing Grey Roots At 33?’ 

A certain tabloid’s front page headline is grey-shaming the Duchess Of Cambridge today, after paparazzi ‘proof’ emerged showing her silvery roots at a charity appearance.

The picture evidence, zoomed in to the Nth degree, was captured when Kate visited the Emma Bridgewater pottery factory yesterday and tied half her hair into a loose knot.

We’re not even sure we can see the supposed streaks (take a look for yourself in the gallery above) but, regardless of whose head they’re on, what age she is, or whether she’s dyed it, crimped it, or left it au naturel… we think it’s just not an issue.

‘How is it 2015 and we're still making a big deal about women sporting a few grey hairs?’ asks Marie Claire’s Beauty Editor Suzanne Scott. Click link for full post from Marie Claire

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