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Rabu, 14 Januari 2015

January Updates

Happy New Year!!! I hope the year has started out well for everyone!!

***It's Official***
William, Kate & Harry have their very own Twitter Account!!! If you're interested in following them, their handle is @KensingtonRoyal. Their first tweet read 'Hello from Kensington Palace! Welcome to our new Twitter account.'

@KensingtonRoyal on Twitter
The account was set up this morning and has already amassed thousands of followers. It will provide details, updates, pictures and videos on the work of the trio.

@KensingtonRoyal on Twitter
Camellia Rose Quartz and Amazonite Necklace by Claudia Bradby is re-issued
Claudia Bradby
Claudia Bradby has brought back her Camellia Rose Quartz and Amazonite Necklace (£207) that Kate wore in her younger days. If you have been coveting this...now is your chance.
Claudia Bradby
Amazonite and rose quartz stones are interspersed along a sterling silver hoop necklace (81.5cm).
Claudia Bradby
Rose quartz and amazonite are associated with love and said to balance the emotions and promote calm.
Claudia Bradby

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